PWS Pay Online

REGISTER and PAY FOR EVENTS –  Tips & instruction

    1. Select the event – choose [Member] [PATRON] or [NONmember]  below in chronological order to get your discounted price.
    2. Use the dropdown menu in each category (Member, Patron or Nonmember) to choose 1 or 2 seats.
    3. After entering names (LAST, FIRST) for each reservation, click on the “Add to Cart” button BELOW your entry.
    4. Verify selected event fee appears on the PayPal screen after you “Add to Cart”.
    5. If paying for more than one event, mixing reservations for members and nonmembers, reserving for more than two, etc., click the “Continue Shopping” button on the PayPal screen to go back and select additional reservations as desired.
    6. After you’ve selected and carted all items you wish to purchase,  “Checkout” with a credit card or via a PayPal account.
    7. You should receive an e-mail confirmation of your payment from PayPal.

If you have any concerns about payment processes to PWS, please contact the Treasurers via the “Contact Us” tab on this website.



SUNDAY, December 8 – Champagne – Regular Members

Number of Member Reservations
Member 1 Last Name, First Name
Member 2 Last Name, First Name

SUNDAY, December 8 – Champagne – PATRON Members

Number of PATRON Reservations
Patron 1 Last Name, First Name
Patron 2 Last Name, First Name

SUNDAY, December 8 – Champagne – NONMember GUESTS

Number of NONMember Guest Reservations
Guest 1 Last Name, First Name
Guest 2 Last Name, First Name